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An overview about lumbar spinal stenosis treatment


When you consider lumbar spinal stenosis, it would be narrowing down of your spinal cord. This tends to occur when excess growth of bone or tissue is seen. When the narrowing does take place it can go on to irritate the spinal cord itself. This tends to emerge out in the back area. If it does take place the spinal cord may go on to become squeezed.

This would rake to be an age related disorder and it would depend upon the age along with the size of the spinal canal.

The symptoms

When you are above the age of 50 years, you do face the situation of narrowing down of the spinal canal. Here you are not going to feel the symptoms. If you do feel that the spinal cord does become squeezed then some of the symptoms that you are likely to experience would include

  • Pain in the buttocks or legs. Trust me these symptoms are going to become worse when you are going to walk or lean or bend backwards. The moment you are going to flex the spinal cord the pain does become a lot worse. This is when you sit down or lean over a grocery cart.
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Bowel control or loss of bladder

When it boils down to the symptoms it could be severe or all the more severe at various times. The main fact would be that you are not going to be disabled in any way.

The diagnosis

In terms of the diagnosis it would be dependent upon the history of the symptoms you tend to find yourself at. A physical examination along with a detailed MRI and x ray is being undertaken as well.

In most of the cases you can go on to control the symptoms with medications. This would mean exercise so that the strength along with the durability increases medications so as to reduce the inflammation. In some cases physical therapy may be suggested as well. Sometimes the symptoms do get worse and it would not improve with any form of non-surgical surgery. At this point of time you would need surgery to remove the tissue and the money which goes on to squeeze the spinal cord. It would allow you to relieve the pain and get back to normal activities as well.

As far as the lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in India is concerned it does appear to be one of the most sought out surgeries. The surgeons are scripted for ensuring a massive turnaround in this regard. Most of them have gone on to have their education in the top educational institutes of the world. It  is after this point of time they decided to choose India as the one stop destination for all their needs. They are simply the best in the business and are linked up to the top medical institutes of the country as well.  The success ratio is on the higher side with less rate of complications.


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